About Us

We are a talent solutions company founded and managed by experts from the industry as well as academia; with a combined training experience of over 30 years. Our deep industry knowledge, innovative learning processes and proven delivery capabilities uniquely position us to help organizations convert their learning investments into business performance.

We believe that successful training depends largely on the quality of the individuals comprising the practice. Each trainer at Bizotic Talent Solutions has a significant depth and breadth of appropriate experience in their field of expertise and a track record of achievements. We leverage our extensive network of subject matter experts and provide specifically tailored, cost effective solutions to our clients.

On top of this, with the help of our product stack and assessment platform, we provide year-on-year engagement solutions to our end users Рstudents. With training sessions, progress tracking tools, and detailed test results, we are able to provide topic-wise feedback for focused learning saving time and drastically improving their performance and results.