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About Us

We are a talent solutions company founded and managed by experts from the industry as well as academia; with a combined training experience of over 30 years. Our deep industry knowledge, innovative learning processes and proven delivery capabilities uniquely position us to help organizations convert their learning investments into business performance.

We believe that successful training depends largely on the quality of the individuals comprising the practice. Each trainer at Bizotic Talent Solutions has a significant depth and breadth of appropriate experience in their field of expertise and a track record of achievements. We leverage our extensive network of subject matter experts and provide specifically tailored, cost effective solutions to our clients.

On top of this, with the help of our product stack and assessment platform, we provide year-on-year engagement solutions to our end users – students. With training sessions, progress tracking tools, and detailed test results, we are able to provide topic-wise feedback for focused learning saving time and drastically improving their performance and results.


macbookgrey_frontIntroducing BizoticLearn!! A one stop, web-based, cutting edge platform for all your training management and assessment needs.

For college administrators – You can plan and schedule upcoming trainings for your students. You can generate student test reports and see how your college performance is improving over a period of time. You can get trainer feedback and make sure your students are getting trained by a faculty that is best in the business.

For students – You can take numerous tests like pre-assessment, post-assessment, mock tests, practice tests, company specific tests. You will be able to see your areas of weakness and get focussed advice where there can be scope of improvement. You can track your progress and be part of the year-long continuous development program.



00b3b32f-a818-4fb2-93d1-5eec51f875a0Introducing BizoticTalent!! A one stop, mobile-based, learning application for year-on-year engagement meeting all your education and skill based talent development needs.

Every course material consists of easy and hard topics. It has been observed that students typically end up putting in a lot of effort in practicing stuff they already know and miss on the topics which are hard requiring more attention, but can greatly improve their overall score, due to time constraints.

After every student takes an assessment, we identify topics and subtopics that the student need to practice more upon. Our machine learning capabilities allow us to come up with curated video-based learning plans for individual students that can save time, provide focussed learning and drastically improves the student score.



Ashith B
Abhijeet Medhekar
Pooja K Gowda
Ramees Fazal KF
Shashikala Madhusudhan
Ashith B

Ashith B

CoFounder & CEO

Ashith completed his MBA from Alliance Business Academy with dual specialization in Marketing and Human Resources. He worked with Bank of India as the Head of Marketing for Karnataka. He also served in the position of Regional Head in a leading FMCG company. Apart from being a passionate entrepreneur, he is also an expert in the areas of quantitative aptitude and logical reasoning with over 8 years’ experience in training. He is an avid quizzer and a regular guest speaker on entrepreneurship and sales & marketing across premier educational institutions.

“By Excellence we shall succeed” – Ashith’s guiding principle as he strives to ensure the success of his clients and consequently that of Bizotic Talent Solutions.

Ashith leads the Bizotic Talent Group and manages the training & recruitment solutions.

Abhijeet Medhekar

Abhijeet Medhekar

CoFounder & CTO

Abhijeet has a B.Tech in Computer Engineering from one of the premier institutes – DDU, Gujarat. He had around 9 years of working experience as an Application Architect with various multinational companies like CSC, IBM, JPMorgan and Morgan Stanley, before taking a plunge with edutech startup – Bizotic. Abhijeet specializes in technology architecture, high availability infrastructure, full stack website and mobile product development, and in making highly scalable applications.

“Stay hungry, Stay foolish!!” – Abhijeet’s guiding principle that keeps Bizotic clients, colleges and students at pace with latest cutting edge technologies.

Abhijeet is solely responsible for spearheading technology initiatives at Bizotic.

Pooja K Gowda

Pooja K Gowda

Head of Operations

Pooja is a graduate from Jawaharlal Nehru National College of Engineering, Shimoga. She has worked with a number of multinational corporations in the past. She loves pressure situations and is an extremely hard working soul. She is also an expert in planning the nitty-gritty of every training and brings in the much needed enthusiasm to manage and run operations.

“The harder you work, the luckier you get!!” – Pooja’s guiding principle that makes sure Bizotic is always in abundance of hardwork and luck.

Pooja is our go-to person for all those humongous operational needs.

Ramees Fazal KF

Ramees Fazal KF

Head of Technology

Ramees is a B.Tech graduate in Information Technology from University of Cochin and is a spare time technology geek. He has worked extensively on Android, PHP, MySQL, Java and APIs. He likes to explore cutting edge technologies and aspires to find most efficient and neat solutions to complex problems at hand. He has more than 5 years of experience in developing various applications and websites. 

“Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching” — Ramees’s guiding principle which gives us a deep foothold in technology.

Ramees manages the day-to-day development and break fix on our technology product stack.

Shashikala Madhusudhan

Shashikala Madhusudhan

Head of Training

Shashikala is a M.Sc. in Zoology from University of Mysore and also holds a law degree. She has donned various roles in her career from being a lecturer in corporate & commercial law to an administrator in an MBA institution. Perhaps the greatest satisfaction she has derived is from being a trainer. She has been a distinguished soft skills trainer for the last 10 years and has trained employees from companies such as Infosys, Wipro, L&T, ICICI Bank, India Post among others. She has also conducted sessions in top engineering & MBA colleges for Campus Recruitment Training.

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant” — Shashikala’s guiding principle which helps us ensure that potential in our clients gets replaced by results.

Shashikala manages the Soft Skills Training Solutions of Bizotic.


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